30 April 2017
Updated 18:30

Trump salutes NFL champs at the White House

Absent for family reasons Tom Brady's quarterback and superstar. At the ceremony there were no other...

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Ukraine, the new lives of bears saved by the circus

Kitesurf, the stunted stunts in France

Ancient rituals and rave in Burma for the Buddhist New Year

The Luzhniki stadium refurbished to Moscow 2018

More than 800 mummies invade the Museum of Sydney

Australia, alarm at an unprecedented bleaching to the reef

Egypt celebrates the discovery of the statue of Ramses

Cape Town, all naked bike to manifest for the environment

Snowboarding, spectacular descent of Anne-Flore Marxer freeride

France, Amnesty activists demanding clemency for Snowden

The sight of deer in the fog of London

India, a train derails near Kanpur: At least two dead and 38 wounded

Russia, the black box of the Tupolev brought to the surface

Life under the shoot ice from a drone sub

Santa Claus surfing between Seal Beach waves

Whale watching in the Bay of Bangkok

Israel, the migration of the cranes at Lake Hula Agamon

Fidel Castro's ashes buried in Santiago de Cuba

Chapecoense, the video of the last party before the tragedy

Chernobyl, a new sarcophagus for the nuclear power plant

The homage of Cuba to Fidel Castro

Turkey car bombing in Adana. The chaos after the explosion

Colombia takes off the «Biofashion»: the clothes are of leaves and flowers

A baby monkey finds unlikely family in a goat herd

The «supermoon» in the sky above Beijing

New York invaded by 50,000 Marathon

Baseball, Chicago Cubs win after 108 years: 5 million in festival

Haka record in New Zealand

Moru, a kitten among sumo wrestlers

Halloween, in Mexico everyone wants the masks of Clinton and Trump

Rome, parade of historic «red» for the opening of the Ferrari store

Paragliding, established new world record in Bali

The «super typhoon» Haima made landfall on the Philippines

Zombies among the streets of the East Village in New York

Dies at age 38. Jia Jia, doyenne of giant pandas

The «tbourida», a fantastic ride of Moroccan warriors

North and South Carolina flooded after Hurricane Matthew

Haiti, the drone flies over the rubble and devastation Jeremie

Tired of having to queue up? They think the automatic chairs

Macao has its Eiffel Tower Casino «The Parisian»

The migrants lifesaver on the shores of Brooklyn

London, fans delirious with «The Beatles: Eight Days a Week»

Madrid Fashion Week 2016: all the colors of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Somalia: new attack of the Shebab in Mogadishu

The Olympic flag leaves Rio and arrives in Tokyo

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Bitter rift rocks AOC as Coates fights for job

Powerful Australian Olympic Committee head John Coates is facing a bitter campaign to oust him after 27 years, with his media chief stepping down Wednesday amid bullying claims rocking the organisation.

US misunderstands NAFTA, North American business body says

The US government doesn't have a clear idea of what NAFTA covers, a business body representing several big North American multinationals said on Tuesday after Washington picked a trade fight with Canada.

Baby whales «whisper» to mothers to avoid predators

Newborn humpback whales and their mothers whisper to each other to escape potential predators, scientists reported Wednesday, revealing the existence of a previously unknown survival technique.

US judge blocks Trump order on sanctuary cities

A US judge on Tuesday blocked an executive order by President Donald Trump that could deny billions of dollars to so-called sanctuary cities as punishment for harboring illegal immigrants.