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Venezuela seeks cross-border arrest of ex-prosecutor

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday he would seek international cooperation to arrest a fired chief prosecutor who fled the country after defying him amid a deadly political crisis.

Jailed Hong Kong activist Wong back in court

With hair newly shaven in accordance with Hong Kong prison rules, jailed pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was in court again Tuesday on more protest-related charges.

Beijing defends jailing of Hong Kong activists

China on Friday rejected international criticism of the jailing of three prominent Hong Kong activists, warning against using «so-called democracy» to conduct «illegal violent activities».

Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement leaders jailed 

Joshua Wong and two other young leaders of Hong Kong's huge Umbrella Movement rallies were jailed Thursday for their role in the 2014 pro-democracy protests, dealing a fresh blow to the campaign for political reform.

Women's march keeps pressure on Venezuela's Maduro

Hundreds of women marched in Venezuela's capital on Saturday to keep pressure on President Nicolas Maduro, whose authority is being increasingly challenged by protests and deadly unrest.

Anger brews in Morocco's neglected Rif region

In Morocco's neglected Rif region, where outrage erupted last year over the gruesome death of a fishmonger, calls for justice have evolved into a grassroots movement demanding jobs and hospitals.

Venezuela protests rage, death toll hits 33

Anti-government protests raged on in Venezuela Thursday as students launched fresh marches after a day of flames and tear gas brought the death toll to 33.


Protesters march against Donald Trump in New York

Hundreds of New Yorkers gathered in front of Trump Tower on Saturday to protest against the Republican presidential contender and current frontrunner in the 2016 elections. Several protesters were arrested by New York City police.

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