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US urges UN to focus on «chief culprit» Iran

The United States on Thursday urged the UN Security Council to make Iran's «incredibly destructive» activities its Middle East priority and devote less attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

US reviews «failed» Iran nuclear deal

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson branded the Iran nuclear deal a failure Wednesday as President Donald Trump ordered a review of how Washington is countering the threat from Tehran.

Obama warns Trump not to jettison Iran nuclear deal

US President Barack Obama marked the first anniversary of the nuclear deal with Iran by emphasizing its «significant and concrete results» and warning against undoing a pact supported by the world's major powers.

Petraeus sees «downsides» to Iran nuclear pact

A global deal to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions contains elements «of great concern», retired US general David Petraeus, seen as a contender to be Washington's top diplomat, said on Saturday.

Obama orders steps towards lifting Iran sanctions

President Barack Obama ordered the US government Sunday to take steps towards lifting sanctions on Iran, in accordance with the historic nuclear deal struck between six world powers and Tehran.

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