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High-stakes election for Germany's long-term unemployed

Dozens of unemployed people troop into a church in the working-class Garath district of Duesseldorf, western Germany each Friday to load up on donated food, a small gesture towards those left by the wayside in a booming economy.

Key US jobless benefits level hits 17-year low

New claims for US jobless benefits rose slightly in mid-April but the total number of people seeking unemployment insurance hit a 17-year low, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

Trump threats may not stop US offshoring of jobs

President-elect Donald Trump's threats to retaliate against US companies planning to shift operations overseas constitute a new risk for multinationals, but may not sway those already planning to offshore jobs.

US economy posts solid jobs growth in March

The US economy posted solid jobs growth in March and the unemployment rate ticked up but remained near an eight-year low, the Labor Department reported Friday.

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