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Peace along the border despite North Korean threats

One soldier enjoys a cigarette, another sits reading quietly on the riverbank: seen from the Chinese side of the border, North Korea's army does not appear to be on a war footing despite all the bellicose language.

VP Pence jets into Seoul with Korea tensions high

Vice President Mike Pence will arrive in Seoul Sunday, flying into a geopolitical maelstrom amid a possible North Korean nuclear test and harsh US warnings about a military response.

South Korea crisis: What will the North do?

These are euphoric but anxious days for South Korea, as the heady impeachment of a deeply unpopular president leaves the country without a recognised leader at a time of military tensions with nuclear-armed North Korea.

South Korean president to meet opposition after nuke test

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye will meet the leaders of political parties on Monday following North Korea's nuclear test, amid speculation she will urge them to ease opposition to a US missile defence system.

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