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IS «executes» at least 15 civilians in Mosul

Jihadist militants from the Islamic State group posing as liberating security forces killed at least 15 civilians who welcomed them in central Mosul, officials said on Tuesday.

Iraq forces retake more areas in west Mosul

Iraqi forces retook two more neighbourhoods in west Mosul on Thursday, tightening the noose around jihadists holed up in the Old City, commanders said."The...

US-backed forces reach edge of IS-held Syria town

US-backed fighters have reached the outskirts of a key jihadist-held town in northern Syria as part of an offensive against the Islamic State group's bastion Raqa, a monitor said Saturday.

Libya officially proclaims liberation of Sirte from IS

Libya's unity government leader Fayez al-Sarraj on Saturday officially announced the end of military operations in Sirte, after the liberation from Islamic State group forces of what was the last significant territory they held in the country.

France, US push for Aleppo observers

The United Nations Security Council could vote as early as this weekend on a French-drafted proposal to allow international observers in Syria's Aleppo and ensure urgent deliveries of aid, the US envoy said Friday.

Syria army resumes shelling of rebel Aleppo

Syria's army resumed shelling the last rebel-held parts of Aleppo on Wednesday, a monitor said, ending hours of calm after a deal to evacuate civilians and rebels was announced.

After Aleppo falls, where next for Syria?

While seizing control of Aleppo will not end the Syrian war, Bashar al-Assad's regime and its Russian and Iranian allies have more control now than at any time since the conflict began, experts say.

Spotlight turns to US forces' role as IS fight continues

As President Barack Obama prepares to leave office and step down as commander-in-chief of America's military, a flap has erupted over the secretive commandos who have become his go-to counterterrorist force across the globe.

Syria army pounds Aleppo rebels as Russia vows no let-up

Syrian government artillery pummelled fast-shrinking rebel territory in Aleppo on Friday as key regime backer Russia vowed no end to the bombardment while opposition fighters remain in the battleground city.

Growing fears of IS use of weaponised drones

The Mosul battle in Iraq has seen the Islamic State group increasingly resort to weaponised drones, which Western governments fear could lead to a new type of attack at home.

French priest reveals IS child jihadist training

Islamic State group may be teetering on the brink of collapse but the jihadists are creating an entire new generation of would-be terrorists, according to a book written by a French Catholic priest describing the daily lives of three young boys.

Iraqi forces in new Mosul push as displacement rises

Iraqi special forces threw themselves back into battle Saturday after a first foray into Mosul was blunted by stiffer than expected resistance from jihadists defending the birthplace of their «caliphate».

Baghdadi: The enigmatic IS jihadist chief

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi rose from obscurity to lead the world's most infamous and feared jihadist group, but shuns the spotlight and cultivates an aura of mystery.

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