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Recorded Samosa: Indian appetizer from 153.1 kg

The inviting triangular bundles of soft spiced stuffing are a popular Indian appetizer and snack spread all over Asia but have conquered the palates all over the world. In London, a dozen volunteers from the Muslim Aid UK association made a 153.1kg Samosa, who entered the Guinness World Records.

China's dog meat festival opens despite ban rumours

A notorious Chinese dog meat festival opened on Wednesday with butchers hacking up slabs of canines and cooks frying the flesh, despite rumours that authorities would impose a ban this year.

Bangkok to ban street food stalls in clean-up crusade

Street food stalls will be banned from all of Bangkok's main roads in a sweeping clean-up crusade, a city hall official said Tuesday, prompting outcry and anguish in a food-obsessed capital famed for its spicy roadside cuisine.

In China, alcohol aged in bamboo for a new flavour

A manufacturer of Chinese liqueurs, Chen Chao wanders through the bamboo-covered mountains of southwestern China's Sichuan province to his 'cellar', where he will check on this year's prize blend.

«Extreme» Japanese winemaker is a natural

Hirotake Ooka does not do anything by half. For nearly two decades the former Japanese chemist has been on a quest to make the very best and most natural French wine possible. But he hasn't made it easy for himself.

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