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Israel extends arrest of firebrand Islamic cleric

An Israeli court on Monday extended the remand of a firebrand Islamic cleric accused of inciting violence in connection with last month's deadly tensions over a Jerusalem holy site, his lawyer said.

Muslim-baiter Hanson wears burka in Australia's Senate

Australian anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson caused a furore Thursday when she entered the Senate wearing a full burqa, earning a blistering rebuke from the country's top lawyer for the «appalling» stunt.


Khamenei prays for the end of Ramadan

The Supreme Iranian leadership has presided over the prayer of Al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan's month. The celebration was held in a mosque in Tehran. «The Islamic world must clearly support the people of Yemen and denounce the oppressors they attacked during the sacred month of Ramadan,» said Khamenei.

Five things to know about India's mosque dispute

India's Supreme Court said Wednesday three senior members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) should face trial over the demolition of a mosque a quarter of a century ago.

Iraq: The battle for Mosul

Six months since Iraqi forces launched a vast operation to oust the Islamic State group from second city Mosul, they have recaptured its east and are battling for the west.

Security tight as Egypt Copts hold Easter mass

Egyptian Coptic Christians observed Easter Mass under tight security on Saturday with the ancient minority still reeling from twin church bombings that killed dozens just days before.

Yemen rebels say UN peace plan «basis for discussion»

Yemen's Huthi rebels said Sunday that a new UN peace plan was a «basis for discussion» despite containing «fundamental flaws». The plan to end the country's 19-month-old war is «a basis for discussion... but contains fundamental flaws in general, in the details and the timeframe,» the rebels said in a statement.

Pakistan detains more than 200 people after Easter bombing

Pakistan has detained more than 200 people and questioned thousands more as authorities hunt down those behind the Easter Sunday bombing in Lahore which killed 73 people, including children, the Punjab provincial law minister said Tuesday.

Pakistan suicide blast targeted Christians: Taliban

A Taliban suicide bomber who attacked a Pakistani park thronging with families was targeting Christians, the group said Monday, as the death toll rose to 72, with children making up nearly half of the dead.


Place de la Bourse a Brussels symbol of pain

The square of the finance, at the center of the city, has become spontaneously, the place where the inhabitants of the Belgian capital have flocked to collect, remember the victims, encourage each other. Four days after the attacks, the square is still full of candles, flowers, hearts, teddy bears and messages.

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