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High-stakes election for Germany's long-term unemployed

Dozens of unemployed people troop into a church in the working-class Garath district of Duesseldorf, western Germany each Friday to load up on donated food, a small gesture towards those left by the wayside in a booming economy.

Brexit could bring 100,000 jobs to Frankfurt

The expected mass exodus of UK-based bankers because of Brexit could bring up to 100,000 new jobs to Germany's Frankfurt region over the next four years, according to a study published on Friday.

Key US jobless benefits level hits 17-year low

New claims for US jobless benefits rose slightly in mid-April but the total number of people seeking unemployment insurance hit a 17-year low, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

Saudi malls to hire locals only: ministry

Foreigners will no longer be allowed to work in Saudi Arabia's numerous shopping malls, the labour ministry announced Thursday, in the latest measure to boost employment of Saudis.

United won't fire anyone over manhandled passenger

United's widely-condemned violent removal of a passenger from a flight was a «system failure» and no employees will lose their jobs as a result, United Continental chief Oscar Munoz said Tuesday.

Automakers in headlights as Trump set to take the wheel

US automakers found themselves in the political hot seat Tuesday, with President-elect Donald Trump lambasting GM for importing Mexican-made cars into the United States and Ford scrapping plans for a new plant south of the border.

Chinese billionaire warns Trump about losing US jobs

The billionaire owner of China's property-to-entertainment conglomerate Wanda Group has warned Donald Trump that over 20,000 US jobs would be put at risk if the US president-elect mishandles Chinese investment in the country.

Trump threats may not stop US offshoring of jobs

President-elect Donald Trump's threats to retaliate against US companies planning to shift operations overseas constitute a new risk for multinationals, but may not sway those already planning to offshore jobs.

Facebook announces 500 new jobs in «global hub» London

Facebook on Monday became the latest US tech giant to announce new investment in Britain with hundreds of extra jobs but hinted its success depended on skilled migration after Britain leaves the European Union.

New messaging apps gain traction in workplace

Looking to break out of a «messy» email situation, the nonprofit group dosomething.org recently switched over to a new way of communicating among its far-flung teams.

Last Australian-made Ford rolls off production line

The last Australian-made Ford car rolled off the production line Friday, ending an era that began in 1925 with the legendary Model T, as the struggling local auto industry slowly fades away.

Mini «Pepper» robots start new jobs in Taiwan

A shiny new cohort joined the workforce in Taiwan Thursday -- a troop of mini robots all going by the name «Pepper», enlisted to entertain customers and give them the hard sell.

US economy posts solid jobs growth in March

The US economy posted solid jobs growth in March and the unemployment rate ticked up but remained near an eight-year low, the Labor Department reported Friday.

Wearable tech takes aim at health care costs

Stroll around the office or neighborhood six times a day, and earn $1.50 toward your health insurance. Step up activity a bit more and bring the total to $1,400 annually.

Amnesty accuses Qatar of abusing World Cup workers

Qatar World Cup stadium workers have suffered abuse and been subjected to forced labour, Amnesty International said Thursday, for the first time alleging rights violations at a 2022 tournament venue.

Brazil debates economic cost of corruption investigation

Brazil's former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is raising hackles after warning that the mega Petrobras corruption probe is paralyzing essential sectors of the Brazilian economy, like oil and construction.

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