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Charlie Puth fetes Kenya hygiene innovator

Charlie Puth, the pitch-perfect singer who has become a viral star, Tuesday played an intimate set to recognize an entrepreneur who has turned sanitation needs in Kenya into an eco-friendly business.

South Korea's fertility rate plunges to 7-year low

South Korea's fertility rate plunged to a seven-year low in 2016, official statistics showed Wednesday, with more women delaying marriage in the highly competitive, workaholic country.

Taylor Swift donates to sexual assault charity

Pop superstar Taylor Swift has donated to a US charity that supports victims of sexual assault after winning a groping lawsuit against a former radio DJ, the organization confirmed Thursday.


Bono at Eliseo received from Macron

Bono, leader of the U2 and co-founder of the ONG «One», arrives at the Eliseo for an interview with French President Emmanuel Macron. The Irish rock band will perform on 25 and 26 July at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, north of Paris.

Paris «love locks» sale raises thousands for refugees

A charity auction selling off «love locks» from Paris bridges to raise money for refugees on Saturday brought in over $270,000, though the event was briefly interrupted by protests from far-right nationalists.

«Revenge porn» on «mass scale» in Australia

Researchers on Monday urged tougher laws to protect victims of «revenge porn» in Australia after a survey revealed abuses, including shooting and sharing intimate images without permission, on a «mass scale».

Upward mobility has fallen sharply in US

In a sign of the fading American Dream, 92 percent of children born in 1940 earned more than their parents, but only half of those born in 1984 can say the same, researchers said Monday.

Australia toughens up citizenship test

Canberra on Thursday unveiled plans to put «Australian values» at the heart of tougher requirements to gain citizenship, days after scrapping a visa programme for temporary foreign workers.

India bans red car beacons to end elitist culture

India said Wednesday it will ban ministers and senior officials from using red beacons on their cars to cut through traffic, a longstanding privilege that has caused resentment and accusations of elitism.

Let women drive, urges Saudi prince

An outspoken billionaire Saudi prince wants an «urgent» end to his country's ban on women driving, saying overturning the law was a matter of women's rights and economic necessity.

Three minutes to embrace on US-Mexico border

For 20 years, Laura Avila had yearned to hug her mother again. On Saturday, tears streaming down her face, the 35-year-old had her wish finally come true -- if only for three minutes.

After bloody year, Chicago looks to tougher gun laws

On a recent evening on Chicago's southwest side, an all-too-familiar scene unfolds: within sight of the Windy City's iconic downtown high-rises, dozens of police officers swarm. A 21-year-old man has been shot outside his home.

Longer lives, more lifestyle disease

Life expectancy worldwide has jumped by a decade since 1980, rising in 2015 to 69 years for men and nearly 75 for women, according to a comprehensive overview of global health released Thursday.

Four-in-10 Japanese are virgins: poll

More than 40 percent of young Japanese single adults are virgins, a government survey has shown, and almost three-quarters of men are not in any kind of relationship.


The migrants lifesaver on the shores of Brooklyn

Hundreds of lifesaver on the banks of the East River in New Yok, under the Brooklyn Bridge. Are the orange vests reuperati on the beaches from the Greek island of Chios and worn by migrants traveling to Europe and passed. The initiative of Oxfam at the UN summit on refugees.

Cannabis: the new Californian gold rush

Two years ago, the city of Adelanto, a crumbling outpost in California's Mojave desert, was facing a bleak future as it teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and struggled with double-digit unemployment.

Cheerful Madonna shrugs off controversy in Malawi

Madonna shrugged off controversies about her relationship with Malawi, the homeland of her two adopted children, and spoke freely of her family life during a visit to the country Sunday.

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