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Samsung eyes reset with new Galaxy Note

Samsung on Wednesday unveiled a new model of its Galaxy Note as it seeks to leave behind the debacle over exploding batteries in the previous generation of the device, and mount a renewed challenge to Apple and its soon-to-come iPhone 8.

Apple under pressure to dazzle as market slows

As Apple and Samsung gear up to launch new flagship smartphones, the market leaders are seeking a wow factor that can help them fend off challenges from rising Chinese-based manufacturers.

Panasonic net profit hit by weak solar products demand

Japan's Panasonic said on Thursday that annual net profit and revenue slumped because of slowing demand for household solar energy products and the impact of a stronger yen, but predicted a rebound this year.

At CES, tech moves into the nursery

As technology caters to an ever-younger crowd, developers are creating new tools for infants and their parents, and even aiming at the yet-to-be born.

Samsung scion joins board as profits tank on Note 7

Samsung heir apparent Lee Jae-Yong took a major step towards control of the family-run conglomerate on Thursday, joining the board as the company reported a 30 percent profit dive following a highly damaging recall crisis.

Samsung flags profit jump despite damaging recall

Samsung Electronics on Friday flagged a 5.5-percent rise in operating profits, even as it struggles with a damaging global smartphone recall and a shareholder push to split the family-run conglomerate in two.

Apple at 40: stronger than ever as trend-setter

Apple celebrates its 40th anniversary this week at the top of its game, as the Silicon Valley legend that sprang out of Steve Jobs' garage to reshape modern life with its trend-setting gadgets.

FBI hacks attacker's iPhone, drops Apple suit

The FBI has unlocked the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terror attackers, officials said, ending a heated legal standoff with Apple that had pitted US authorities against Silicon Valley.

Microsoft grounds foul-mouthed teen-speak bot

A Microsoft «chatbot» designed to converse like a teenage girl was grounded on Thursday after its artificial intelligence software was coaxed into firing off hateful, racist comments online.

Taiwan's Acer sees profits tumble, announces reshuffle

Taiwan's struggling personal computer maker Acer saw its 2015 earnings plunge by two-thirds as it announced a corporate reshuffle that separates off its new businesses, including cloud services and smart devices.

Apple-FBI encryption showdown postponed, for now

The US government's decision to delay its effort to force Apple to help unlock an attacker's iPhone may only postpone the inevitable drawn-out battle over encryption and data protection.

Apple goes small for new iPhone, iPad

Apple has gone small -- cutting prices as well as screen size -- unveiling a new iPhone and iPad aimed at first-time buyers and customers in emerging markets.

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