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Trump backs off Afghan withdrawal, lambasts Pakistan

President Donald Trump cleared the way for the deployment of thousands more US troops to Afghanistan Monday, backtracking from his promise to rapidly end America's longest war, while pillorying ally Pakistan for offering safe haven to «agents of chaos.»

High security as Afghanistan marks independence day

Afghan security forces were on high alert Saturday as the war-weary country, reeling from a number of high-profile deadly attacks, prepared to mark its independence day with muted celebrations.

Trump heads to Camp David for Afghanistan talks

US President Donald Trump is assembling his national security team at the Camp David presidential retreat Friday to forge a way ahead in Afghanistan, almost 16 years after the war began.

Malala wins place at Oxford University

Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban for advocating education for girls in her native Pakistan, announced Thursday she has won a place to study at Oxford University.

Trump weighs further US troops for Afghanistan

Hanging in a corridor outside the Pentagon press office, a blow-up of a Time magazine cover shows a weary US soldier drawing deeply on his cigarette. Barbed wire and snowy foothills loom behind him.

US blasts «unconscionable» Taliban attack in Afghanistan

The US State Department on Monday described last week's Taliban attack in northern Afghanistan as «unconscionable,» but stressed America has no intention of giving up on the country despite more than 15 years of brutal war.

Pentagon chief warns of «tough year» for Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned of «another tough year» in Afghanistan as he arrived on an unannounced visit Monday, hours after his Afghan counterpart resigned over a deadly Taliban attack that triggered anger and left the embattled army in disarray.

Furious Afghans call for resignations after Taliban base attack

Afghan families buried their dead and the country observed a national day of mourning Sunday after at least 100 soldiers were killed or wounded in a Taliban attack on a military base, prompting angry calls for ministers and army chiefs to resign.

Taliban kill «more than 50» Afghan troops in army base attack

Taliban militants wearing Afghan army uniforms killed at least 50 soldiers in a gun and suicide attack at a base in northern Afghanistan, the US military said, as the extremists ramp up their campaign against beleaguered government forces.

Roadside bomb kills 11 Afghan civilians

At least 11 civilians were killed when a roadside bomb ripped through their vehicle in the restive southern Afghan province of Helmand, officials said Saturday.

«National Bird» shines light on secretive drone wars

The convoy had stopped for prayers in a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan when the Hellfire missiles came out of a clear blue sky, incinerating vehicles and liquidating 23 unarmed civilians.

Afghan military death rate rises in 2016

The death rate among Afghan security forces is surging far above last year's levels, a US government watchdog said on Sunday, and slew of social gains in the war-torn nation is also eroding.

Pakistan detains more than 200 people after Easter bombing

Pakistan has detained more than 200 people and questioned thousands more as authorities hunt down those behind the Easter Sunday bombing in Lahore which killed 73 people, including children, the Punjab provincial law minister said Tuesday.

Pakistan suicide blast targeted Christians: Taliban

A Taliban suicide bomber who attacked a Pakistani park thronging with families was targeting Christians, the group said Monday, as the death toll rose to 72, with children making up nearly half of the dead.

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